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Meet the team


Stefanie Clift
Owner of the Leavenworth Studio!

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley! All of my life I have played team sports. My first introduction to meditation was through College soccer, but my first real experience in a hot room was in October of 2013 my friend invited me to BHY to do Yoga for a cause, I have been hooked ever since. Yoga is a wonderful way to balance everyday living for sports enthusiast like myself and for everyone I know. If you know me, I cannot stop talking at any time of the day, or thinking of what I have to do next in my life except for YOGA practice. I have learned what my body is capable of and have pushed my limits and I also have learned that practice takes patience, hard work and also rest. So many beautiful ways that Yoga has changed my life, I have learned to be more accepting, patient, kind, gentle and loving towards myself and others. I love how Yoga heals the body from the inside out. Yoga is so many different things to so many different folks, but I truly am blessed to be a part of BHY, the close connection with my Yogi’s and Yogini’s. I want to share with all that I know what Yoga can do for you, I am so excited to be teaching and looking forward to breakthroughs with students and our shared love for YOGA!


Liz DeMarco
RYT 200 -Leavenworth

A transplant to the Wenatchee Valley in 2003 from Virginia left me with a bit of culture shock. After years of dancing, a decade of inactivity left me out of shape, and feeling my age. My Yoga journey began several years ago when my best friend from high school, Laura Kay opened her own studio, Bocas Yoga in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. She suggested I try the practice to combat the aging process, and improve my health. I struggled to build a home practice, based around tapes by Elena Brower & Tara Stiles, never finding a good fit at any studio here in Wenatchee. Laura kept encouraging me to keep practicing, and said, “That when I found the right teacher, I would just know”. Then in January 2013, the very first day beyoutiful HOT YOGA opened its doors, my partner Jim walked into the studio. He was looking for a gift for my birthday, and knew I had been searching for a studio. A brand new studio in town, bHY was new and different; he had never heard of hot Yoga after he chatted with Mimi & Wes, liked what he heard, so bought me the two week new student special. The very first one sold in fact, so I have the honor of officially being Mimi’s first student here in Wenatchee. Fate works in mysterious ways, because from my very first class, I was hooked on Hatha, Yin and Mimi’s wonderful, non judgmental, fun teaching style. I had found the teacher and practice I had been looking for! As my practice improved and my enthusiasm for both Hatha and Yin increased, Mimi suggested I enroll in teacher training, both to deepen my own practice, and seeing the potential in me to pay forward the benefits of Yoga through teaching. I completed my training 200 hour Hatha YTT certification at the Hot Spot School of Yoga, in Yakima WA, receiving my training from Mimi, Mimi’s own teacher Stephanie Howard, and Master Hatha Instructor Carlo Giorno. I began teaching at the studio in December of 2013. During a personal tragedy the Summer of 2014, I discovered meditation and the wonderful benefits it can add to not only Yoga but all aspects of life. With a love of Hatha, a passion for Yin, and inspired to lead others towards the advantages of meditation, I am so blessed to guide others in all three here at bHY. I try to give back to the community that has embraced me with free Yoga for teachers at local elementary schools. Being part of the bHY family & Central WA Kula is a honor and joy I hope I am able to pass on to my students by inspiring them in every class. Namasté.


Jenn Haas
Yoga Instructor – Leavenworth

I came to beyoutiful HOT YOGA in March of 2013 not sure of what to expect. I had a regular yoga practice, but BHY was my first HOT yoga experience. I instantly fell in love with the ambiance of the studio and Mimi’s knowledgeable guidance through each class. Suddenly I could not get enough- and 3 months later I began teaching.

Now 3 years later, yoga has become my center and balance point in life. Each class, as I step onto my mat- sometimes as the instructor yet always as a student, I am able to find acceptance, healing, and gratitude as I flow through the asanas feeling the energy shared throughout the entire studio. Yoga has truly been life changing for me in so many ways.

My hope as an instructor is to guide each student through a hour of self-care and love, as well as discovery of oneself and what one’s body and mind are truly capable of. In each class I teach, I offer modifications for all levels and abilities and hope that at the end of each practice a sense of light-heartedness and joy can be felt by all.


Candice Collins
RYT 200 – Leavenworth

Growing up an athlete in southern California took a toll on my body. After an injury I was no longer able to run long distances due to the pain in my ankle. I found yoga in high school and went to a studio regularly along with doing a few tapes now and then. After moving far away from my familiar studio, my practice had drifted off. I stayed active by walking and hiking but the unfamiliar winters of Washington kept me indoors. On February 23, 2014 a friend invited me to a free class at beyouiful HOT YOGA. After my first class I was hooked, I loved the heat of the classes and how easy it was on my joints. I had never left a yoga class feeling so wiped out, yet so amazing. In yoga I found something so much more than a workout, I rediscovered myself. I realized that this was my calling and that I could guide people through their own journeys. There was nothing else I could see myself doing. The next fall there was a teacher training and I jumped on board!

Brianna Williams
RYT 200 Leavenworth

I was raised in Leavenworth living in the shadow of sleeping lady. I have a deep love for the Leavenworth and Wenatchee valley. I am now married with 3 children and 2 Labradors currently residing in East Wenatchee. I work as a full time Labor and Delivery RN at CWH. I began my yoga practice in 2013 when BHY opened. I was in the tail end of my RN training program and making many personal strides to improve my health as my education in healthcare, anatomy, biology and nutrition increased. All it took was one heated hatha class for me to fall in love. I became a regular student practicing several times a week, and after a few months of regular practice I was blown away by the positive changes. I became stronger and more limber, I shed several pounds of extra weight, my back problems went away, and as I became more in tune with my body. I found that I had more energy, and a heightened awareness of what made me feel good or bad. I also recognized a spiritual transformation, the physical awareness led to a greater overall awakening. I began to love and respect my body, feeling more at home within myself. My depression seemingly washed away, and I became much happier, feeling more at peace with myself. I became more observant and repeatedly present in my life. Naturally, I wanted to cultivate more of these benefits so when I heard about the TT program I decided to dive in. I wasn’t sure if I was going to teach, I just wanted to learn more about the sequencing and alignment, the culture of yoga, who the founders were, and how to explore this new found passion of mine further. I am forever grateful that I took the plunge to become a teacher. I now have over 200 hrs of training in Bikram style hatha yoga, and Baptist style power/vinyasa. I am a young teacher; however, my internal fire is lit with passion and a deep desire to continue seeking education, continue reading, continue practicing, and to share the gems of the yoga world with my friends and BHYtribe.  In my classes I strive to incorporate mindful movement with breathwork that can be modified for less intensity to meet the needs of a gentler practice, or more intensity for those who seek a challenge.

Courtney Lak
Teacher in Training Leavenworth

Meet Courtney
I am PNW girl born and raised in Leavenworth! My hobbies are skiing, biking, hiking and Yoga! For many years I took dance lessons and studied Dance Science in college. I was first introduced to Yoga in 2009 practicing in a video store when it was closed after hours with a friend going through teacher training. In 2013 I took my first hot yoga class @BHY. I have been addicted ever since! Hot Yoga became very therapeutic and brought me great healing. In the summer of 2016, I finally started my teacher training. Yoga has greatly affected my life and helped me grow and find myself. I have a passion for the mental clarity and the self-love yoga brings to our lives. I feel very blessed to be a part of the BHY TRIBE. I am excited to be teaching so I can bless the lives of the ones I meet on the mat, just like my yoga teachers have blessed me. 

Sarah Anderson
RYT 200

Sarah Anderson was born in Camarillo California and has the spirit of
the ocean in her soul. She has been practicing yoga since 2004 and
has been teaching since 2013. In 2014, she moved to Nepal to serve as
a Peace Corps Volunteer for 26 months. While in Nepal, she integrated
into the community, learned the Nepali language, and taught people
about nutrition, permaculture techniques, and tree farming. In
return, her community and host family taught her about Nepali culture
including Hindu and Buddhist customs, rituals, and celebrations. This
experience revealed to her how much she enjoys connecting with people
on a spiritual level and motivated her to continue teaching yoga after
leaving Nepal. In November 2017, she completed her 200 hour Teacher
Training with Shiva Shakti Yoga in Goa, India, then moved to
Leavenworth, Washington in January, 2017. She especially enjoys
teaching styles of yoga that focus on using the breathing techniques,
combined with body movement to unblock energetic channels in the body
and awaken the mind. Join her to learn more about styles of yoga
including Kundalini, Pranayama, Pawanmuktasana, Vinyasa and Hatha.

Kristen Meece
RYT 200

This PNW girl is an avid adventurer and lover of the outdoors. When she is not in the studio its a good bet she is getting lost somewhere in the mountains. Kristen started on her yoga journey back in 2008 for credentials for her BA degree. At that time it was only the ‘stretching’ she understood the benefit from yoga. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science in 2009, but always thought there was something missing in the fitness industry. Later down the road in 2015 she started practicing due to a ski injury and lower back pain, and when she started including yoga in her daily life, everything started to unveil and slowly she began to discover yoga had a deeper meaning than just stretching. She pursued learning the skills needed to effectively share her love of yoga. Little did she know that the more she learned the deeper the love of yoga would become. Kristen has and continues to study yoga in all aspects to deepen her knowledge to share with others. Her motto is ‘adventure inwards and in the mountains’. In her classes you can expect to sweat, to smile, relax, and to start to uncover your true authentic self.

Mary Klarich
RYT 200

Mary is an avid runner who has been running half marathons, marathons, and ultras for the past 30 years. She has also been a middle and high school administrator for 18 years. A couple of years ago, her husband, James, gave her a hot yoga gift card for her birthday. With the encouragement of her daughter, Megan, Mary went to a Hot Hatha class and in her words, “it felt better than a massage.” Mary’s yoga journey began. After several months of Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Fusion, and Yin practice, Mary decided to become an instructor. She trained with Just Breathe in Yakima, Washington. Mary enjoys guiding people through their own practice and journey. She also enjoys the positive connection yoga has with one’s own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. Breath and movement….who I am.